Whoever says that there are no talented people in the world needs to take a look at the following clip. A 12 years old Chinese girl named Feng Hui took part in the 2011 World Artistic and Freestyle Roller Skating Grand Prix competition in Shanghai.

She surprised everyone who was at the court when she danced to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” with the skating shoes on. When the song started, she removed the hat she was wearing and threw it on the floor before picking on a dance routine. I myself never thought that she would manage to dance with those shoes on, but when she nodded the head and took a skating in between the cones arranged, I knew she was up to something unique! The surprising thing is that she never made a single mistake of touching a cone. What a perfect move! I bet that there are very few people who can do the same move she does!

Watch the clip below and see for yourself the wonders this teen girl can do with skating boots. Watch out the reaction of the audience. Please SHARE this performance with all your friends on Facebook!
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