It’s amazing the freedoms some people take for granted these days.What’s even more amazing is who some of those people take their aggression out on – the soldiers. It’s fairly common for soldiers around the globe to hear the whispers told behind their backs, all because someone would rather see a uniform than a person.

One soldier heard something one woman probably didn’t want him to hear, and his response is priceless!
Taken from his Facebook:
As a military vet who has served two tours in Afghanistan, and I’m still on active duty (though I’m now stationed locally in the US). I don’t expect special treatment from civilians for my service, but I do know that many stores offer discounts to active military personnel so I usually ask cashiers if they offer the discount. Today, I encountered someone really rude when I asked – and it wasn’t the cashier. I had to say something.
Me: Do you offer military discount?
Cashier: No sir we don’t.
Lady in line behind me: Rude…
*Cashier and I stare blankly at her
Lady: All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military deserve special privileges. My God…
Me: No ma’am. It’s a discount not a privilege. A privilege is being able to go home to your family every night because some people willingly give up their “privileges” so people like you can have them.
Lady: ………
Me: *Turns to cashier
Sorry if asking for a discount offended YOU.
Man at the back of line: Here’s your military discount.
*pays for my meal*
Man’s Wife: You deserve it… for having to put up with [EXPLITIVE]’s like her.
Honestly? Made my night. Feel free to share. [SOURCE]

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