Temperatures neared freezing in Manhattan over the weekend, but one man saw an act of kindness that is warming millions of people around the world.

Lazaro Nolasco boarded a New York subway train on Friday night and saw a homeless man sitting without a shirt on. The man looked sickly and was shivering. That’s when Lazaro saw another man approach the homeless man.

Lazaro’s video footage shows the commuter literally taking the shirt off his back and helping the homeless man put it on. The Good Samaritan returns to his seat only to return a few seconds later and put a warm hat on the top of the man’s head.

What a thoughtful man! The homeless man is seen wiping a tear from his eyes at the end of the video.
I’m glad Lazaro caught this moment on film. It just shows there are many kind strangers there are around if you open your eyes and look!

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