Be careful! If you find yourself or see someone black neck Please note! This is not to take a bath to wash clean but be careful ill omen Ah! !

This is not to take a bath to wash clean, if it is this name acanthosis nigricans skin lesions, how to wash rub is how also cannot go. Acanthosis nigricans which there may be a precursor to diabetes, which usually occurs in skin folds, in addition to the neck, also under the armpits, groin, and milk and other parts. Of course, this just might, acanthosis nigricans

There are several causes of which the skin after exposure to a similar situation will occur; if there is such a body found in skin condition should be inspected as soon as possible, in order to confirm their glycemic index , well ahead of prevention. An old one, a normal diet, exercise should always, this is your best defense against diabetes.

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