Overview Effect, or the prospect of the Earth that have the astronauts who are in front of a show made of wonder, but also lucid awareness of the impact that the man has on the environment.

This is the starting point for the project Daily Overview, made by panoramic pictures from high altitude, showing both the beauty, both the degradation caused by humans.
1/10) This shot, for example, is impressive because it seems a abstract artwork . On closer inspection, though, you notice a territory to Donie, Texas, studded with myriads of wells for the extraction of oil.
2/10) The images of the port of Chittagong, Bangladesh, tell a play of colors and symmetries, before unveiling a sea deeply polluted, endangering the lives of those who work there.
3/10) Looking at the scenario of the Coal Power Plant in New Roads, Louisiana, we see black squares that reveal the presence of one of the coal plants among the most polluting of the United States.
4/10) The pier portrait in this picture has a record: it is the longest in the world. We are in Mexico, Progreso, whose beach is located on a limestone deposit.
5/10) It looks like a painting by Kandinsky, but in reality it is Snape, a town in Somerset English, assaulted by the crowd of visitors for the annual Glastonbury festival.
6/10) Here we are near the port of Singapore, towards which oil tankers and cargo ships that ply the seas carrying tons of oil, often focusing in the same area as in this photo.
7/10) These “rectangles” colored, viewed from above, resemble a puzzle, but are the scenario offered by the port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest and the one from which the largest number of ships.
8/10) One amazing sight is the one represented by the Niagara Falls; in this we can see the Maid of Mist, the boat that allows tourists to get close to the falls.
9/10) This splash of color in a middle of the gray is in Denmark, in Copenhagen, and it is a public park that gives space to art and ideas from other countries.
10/10) A semicircle of parabolic mirrors here is how it looks from the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in Nevada. It is a solar thermal power plant that will power thousands of homes in the area.
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