Intimidated and treated “fat” at age 9, now boys line up to go out with her!

Breanna Bond was sick of being tormented for her weight, so she made a change. The 9-year-old weighed nearly 200 pounds, and was subject to teasing and name-calling. Her mother and family were instrumental in her transformation, which began when Breanna joined the local swim team . The Bond clan dedicated themselves to helping their daughter; they took a 4 mile walk together four times a week, rain or shine. They ate healthier meals, avoiding junk food and excess snacks. Their strides toward improvement quickly paid off as Breanna began to shed the pounds.
During summer break Breanna was active all the time, and when she came back to school, her fellow classmates barely recognized her. In January of 2013, Breanna reached her target weight of 115 pounds, much thanks to her extreme persistence and the aid of her family. Here at SFG, we were truly touched and inspired by this story and we knew we had to share it with you. What did you think of Breanna’s transformation?
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