This past weekend, a 3-year-old boy was reportedly kidnapped from his mother at a library outside of San Francisco by a stranger. It was only an hour later that Tim Watson, a Valley Transportation Authority bus driver, noticed a man and boy on his bus who matched the description of the suspect and child.
Tim had seen an alert from police and noted the boy on his bus was crying. That’s when Tim, a father of two, said his paternal instincts kicked in. He kept his cool and quickly thought up a clever plan to bring the suspect right to authorities.
Instead of questioning the suspect directly, he announced he was looking for a missing green backpack and walked to where the boy was sitting, pretending to check all the seats. But what he really was doing was verifying the boy matched the police’s description.
Tim then calmly called police and pulled into the station where police were waiting. Police managed to pry the child away from the kidnapper and arrested the 23-year-old suspect on the spot. The toddler is said to be unharmed!
Modest about his heroism, Tim said, “I feel I did what any father would do.”
Please share Tim’s heroic actions with your friends and give him the recognition he deserves!

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