It has taken some time since I watched that was able to provoke some emotions within me just like this one did. Irrespective of whether you have faith or not, you will end up believing in true miracles once you watch this.

In this keep, we meet a couple who did their best to conceive children without success and in the end they are blessed with twins. When they finally got what they had wished to have, David and Kate were full of joy only to find their joy was short-lived.

Only 6½ months into Kate’s pregnancy, the twins were born. But there was something else which made the couple’s happiness short-lived – their son did not survive. That meant only the girl had survived the premature pregnancy.

That was it until a miracle happened – a mother’s touch did it! David and Kate held onto the lifeless body of their son until the unexpected happened – they heard a sudden movement. They were faith their child could survive despite being discouraged by the nurses.

This miraculous survival was something even the highly experienced doctors failed to find words to explain. These are those kinds of miracles which are meant to be and lack explanation.
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