Sir Nicholas Winton is an amazing man who saved the lives of almost 700 people, mostly children, who were doomed be be killed at Nazi death camps before WWII.

He was able to achieve this feat by mapping out a safe passage to Britain, safely steering them clear of harm’s way, and allowing for them to live their lives safely, away from the horror that would have otherwise befallen them.

This video is the BBC Program “That’s Life” which aired in 1988. The hostess pulls out the list of names of the children Winton saved, and when she reaches the name of a particular girl who just ‘happened’ to be sitting right next to Sir Nicholas, he is so moved, he can’t hold back his tears. Little did Nicholas know what was in store for him, as the hostess asked another question.
You will not be able to keep your eyes dry with the video below. It’s the most touching video ever.
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