We have to rate some life occurrences as miracles since it’s hard to find some medical, scientific or rational explanation behind their happening.
Kate Ogg, who resides in Sydney, Australia gave birth to twins when she was only 27 weeks pregnant. The two were a son and a daughter – the daughter was named Emily and the son Jamie. The daughter was successfully delivered minus any complications irrespective of being premature while Jamie was not breathing and appeared to be in distress. A resuscitation that took 20 minutes was attempted by the doctors on Jamie.
The resuscitation never worked and the troubled parents were given the sorrowful news by the doctors and nurses. They were to bid their son goodbye.
Kate never lost hope one her son’s condition since she had a strong feeling within her that all will be ok. She decided to do something that shocked everyone. What many might consider as medically unviable was recorded and is contained in this video. You will be shocked once you watch it.
Though declared a medical mystery, it’s really beautiful.
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