The first ever marijuana smoking sections will be implemented in 15 of the state’s McDonald’s restaurants. They will use the existing Play Place area’s and convert them over to friendly marijuana smoke zones.

Called “smoking pods”, these area’s will allow joints, bongs and pipes to be smoked, but only marijuana is allowed, not tobacco products or cigarettes.

The pods will contain upper ventilation units, allowing the smoke to filter away from the facility and not enter the actual restaurant. Two restaurants have already launched their marijuana-only smoking pod sections, while 13 other franchises expect completion by the end of the year.

The Colorado McDonald’s will not be selling any marijuana or THC edibles as of now.

McDonalds Smoking Sections

Projected McDonald’s earnings are said by analysts to skyrocket in Colorado, due to the appetite increasing effect that marijuana users experience. Marketing experts agree that this was likely a major reason for the chain to get rid of the play area’s and implement marijuana smoking pods.

Until then try some of McDonald’s new fries.
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